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Lofnir icon 01.jpg
Affiliation Order
Status Active
Leaders Urgmish-Grimnir
Races Duardin
Beasts Magmadroths
Capital Rufhal
Colours Orange
Government Monarchy

The fyreslayers of the Lofnir Lodge are fierce and reckless warriors known for their many magmadroths and renowned for the power of their Zharrgrim. They are an ancient lodge, descended from the legendary Drakendreng, one of the First-Forged.[1a][1c]


After the destruction of Drakenhal, the Lofnir were born from the ruins of the Drakendreng, swearing oaths of vengeance, the new Lodge pursued the architect of their destruction, Nagwroth the fyre serpent, child of the Godbeast Nagendra. Eventually their chase led them to Ghur where they settled and founded the magmahold of Rufhal.[1a] In the Age of Myth the Runesmiters of the Lofnir worked with the Gilded Order of the Lantic Empire to create the Gilded Steamgird, that long protected them.[3]

Yet as the Age of Myth drew to a close the Chaos Lord Magorak paid the Lofnir in gold to turn on their ancient allies. Calling up a great warthrong of magmadroths, they melted the great defences and doomed the Lantic Empire to destruction at the hands of the forces of Chaos.[2a]


The largest magmahold of the Lofnir is Rufhal, in the volcano Crownpeak. It is so named for the permanent mantle of fire that burns above the volcano, maintained by the power of the Zharrgrim.[1c]


Unlike other Fyreslayers, they venerate Vulcatrix as not merely as a Grimnir's great foe, but as his equal, and one just as worthy of their worship. Because of this, they also see Ur-Gold as not only the shattered remains of their god, but as the intermingled essences of Grimnir and Vulcatrix, their powers combined to make something greater. This veneration and worship of Vulcatrix has resulted in the great power of the Lofnir Zharrgrim.[1c] The Zharrgrim of the Lofnir Lodge are regarded as exceptionally skilled with magmatic conjurations.[4]


The Fyreslayers of the Lofnir stain their hands and feet with soot to reflect the rite of passage all Lofnir fyreslayers must complete. In this rite the warrior must traverse a bridge of red hot fyresteel carrying a magmadroth egg. It is also said that this tradition remembers the titanic clash between Grimnir and Vulcatrix, when the god started burning from the incredible heat radiating from the molten scales of the Ur-Salamander.[1b]

The Lofnir emulate Grimnir with their long tradition of beast-slaying and beast-taming, most obviously reflected in their extensive use of Magmadroth Mounts.[4]

The Lofnir Lodge is regarded as especially fanatical in their work and entirely lacking in mercy; butchering an enemy to the last and leaving only ashes in their wake.[4]


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