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A list of spells that are specific to certain units in the Soulblight army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Beguile Coven Throne With a stare into their prey's eyes, the caster can cloud their minds and steals their heart. Depending on their willpower, this can deprive them of their ability to attack or cast spells on the the target. Coven Throne warscroll
Blood Boil Vampire Lord mounted on Zombie Dragon This curse causes the foe of caster to have their blood boil in their veins, until it falters or the afflicted is slain. Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon warscroll
Blood Siphon Bloodseeker Palanquin The caster makes a contemptuous gesture that drains a torrent of blood from the eyes, nose and mouth of their victims. Bloodseeker Palaquin warscroll
Channelled Dynamism Deintalos The caster uses his arcane control over the Force Dynamic to grant his minions suprising bursts of speed. Deintalos warscroll
Quickblood Vhordrai The caster calls upon the power of the ancient curse running through their veins, adding strength and speed to their attacks. Prince Vhordrai warscroll
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