List of Unit spells/Eshin

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A list of spells that are specific to certain units in the Eshin army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Skitterleap Verminlord Deceiver The caster or another individual Skaven disappears in a puff of smoke due to this spell. They will reappear somewhere else on the battlefield a blink later. Verminlord Deceiver warscroll
Units Gutter Runner - Night Runner - Deathmaster - Deathrunner - Verminlord Deceiver
Characters Kriktail - Spark-eye - Thwik - Skittershank's Clawpack (Slynk Skittershank - Snyp Padpaw - Kreep Kinwhisper - Krowch't - Skulck)
Clans Kratt - Nichtus - Nullix - Scurrie - Slynk - Stryk
Artwork - Miniatures