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A list of spells that are specific to certain units in the Daughters of Khaine army.


Name Casters Description Sources
Arnzipal's Black Horror Morathi This spells summons a roiling black cloud of energy that swirls into existence. This cloud lashes out with smoking tendrils that clutch at anybody nearby wounding them. Morathi, High Oracle of Khaine warscroll
Morathi, Shadow Queen warscroll
Black Horror of Ulgu Morathi A roiling black cloud of energy swirls into existence, smoking tendrils lashing out from it to drag those nearby to their doom. Morathi-Khaine warscroll
Doomfire Doomfire Warlock The caster hurls a bolt of black black flame at their visible foes. This spell grows stronger the more casters are casting the spell. Doomfire Warlocks warscroll
Enfeebling Foe Bloodwrack Medusae
Bloodwrack Shrine
This spells allows a caster to reach into their victims minds and sap their strength, making their attack weaker. Bloodwrack Medusae warscroll
Bloodwrack Shrine warscroll
Daughters of Khaine
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