List of Sylvaneth units

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This is a list of all units in the Sylvaneth faction. This list is divided into four categories:

  • Unique for unique characters and units, defined by having Unique labelled in the Notes Column of their Pitch Battle Profiles.
  • Main for units available in the main game.
  • Scenery for scenery with rules.
  • Endless Spells for Endless Spells and other magical effects with miniatures.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Alarielle M01.jpg Alarielle the Everqueen Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Drycha M01.jpg Drycha Hamadreth Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Qulathis M01.jpg Qulathis the Exile Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Skaeth's Wild Hunt M01.jpg Skaeth's Wild Hunt Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Ylthari M01.jpg Ylthari Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Ylthari's Guardians M01.jpg Ylthari's Guardians Sylvaneth Order Warscroll


Image Unit Faction Grand
Arch-Revenant M01.jpg Arch-Revenant Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Branchwraith M01.jpg Branchwraith Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Branchwych M01.jpg Branchwych Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Dryad M01.jpg Dryad Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Kurnoth Hunter M01.jpg Kurnoth Hunter Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Spirit of Durthu M01.jpg Spirit of Durthu Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Spite-Revenant M01.jpg Spite-Revenant Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Tree-Revenant M01.jpg Tree-Revenant Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Treelord M01.jpg Treelord Sylvaneth Order Warscroll
Treelord Ancient M01.jpg Treelord Ancient Sylvaneth Order Warscroll


Image Scenery Category Warscroll
Sylvaneth Wyldwood M01.jpg Sylvaneth Wyldwood Sylvaneth Scenery Compendium
Awakened Wyldwood M01.jpg Awakened Wyldwood Sylvaneth Warscroll

Endless Spells

Image Name Category Colour Warscroll
Gladewyrm M01.jpg Gladewyrm Sylvaneth Unaligned Warscroll
Spiteswarm Hive M01.jpg Spiteswarm Hive Sylvaneth Unaligned Warscroll
Vengenful Skullroot M01.jpg Vengenful Skullroot Sylvaneth Unaligned Warscroll