List of Soulblight Gravelords units

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This is a list of all units in the Soulblight Gravelords faction, which combines lists of units from several other factions.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Gorslav M01.jpg Gorslav the Gravekeeper Deadwalkers Death Warscroll
Exiled Dead M01.jpg Exiled Dead Deadwalkers Death
Torgillius M01.jpg Torgillius the Chamberlain Deathmages Death Warscroll
Unknown M01.png Zondara's Gravebreakers Deathmages Death
Halgrim M01.jpg Watch Captain Halgrim Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Sepulchral Guard M01.jpg Sepulchral Guard Deathrattle Death
Sons of Velmorn M01.jpg Sons of Velmorn Deathrattle Death
Annika M01.jpg Lady Annika Soulblight Death Warscroll
Belladamma M01.jpg Belladamma Volga Soulblight Death Warscroll
Cado Ezechiar M01.jpg Cado Ezechiar, the Hollow King Soulblight Death
Crimson Court M01.jpg Crimson Court Soulblight Death
Kritza M01.jpg Kritza, the Rat Prince Soulblight Death Warscroll
Ivya Volga M01.jpg Ivya Volga, the Outcast Soulblight Death
Lauka Vai M01.jpg Lauka Vai, Mother of Nightmares Soulblight Death Warscroll
Radukar M03.jpg Radukar the Beast Soulblight Death Warscroll
Radukar M01.jpg Radukar the Wolf Soulblight Death Warscroll
Sekhar M01.jpg Sekhar, Fang of Nulahmia Soulblight Death
Vhordrai M01.jpg Prince Vhordrai Soulblight Death Warscroll
Mannfred M01.jpg Mannfred Deathlords
Soulblight Gravelords
Legion of Night
Death Warscroll
Neferata M01.jpg Neferata, Mortarch of Blood Deathlords
Soulblight Gravelords
Legion of Blood
Death Warscroll


Image Unit Faction Grand
Terrorgheist M01.jpg Terrorgheist Beasts of the Grave Death Warscroll
Zombie Dragon M01.jpg Zombie Dragon Beasts of the Grave Death Warscroll
Corpse Cart M01.jpg Corpse Cart Deadwalkers Death Warscroll
Dire Wolf M03.jpeg Dire Wolf Deadwalkers Death Warscroll
Kosargi Nightguard M01.jpg Kosargi Nightguard Deadwalkers Death Warscroll
Zombie M08.jpeg Zombie Deadwalkers Death Warscroll
Mortis Engine M01.jpg Mortis Engine Deathmages Death Warscroll
Necromancer M01.jpg Necromancer Deathmages Death Warscroll
Black Knight M01.jpg Black Knight Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Grave Guard M01.jpg Grave Guard Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Skeleton Warrior M11.jpeg Deathrattle Skeleton
Skeleton Warrior
Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Wight King M01.jpg Wight King Deathrattle Death Warscroll (with Baleful Tomb Blade),
Warscroll (with Black Axe)
Wight King on Skeletal Steed M02.jpeg Wight King on Skeletal Steed Deathrattle Death Warscroll
Askurgan Trueblades M01.jpg Askurgan Trueblades Soulblight Death
Bat Swarm M01.jpg Bat Swarm Soulblight Death Warscroll
Blood Knight M03.jpg Blood Knight Soulblight Death Warscroll
Bloodseeker Palanquin M01.jpg Bloodseeker Palanquin Soulblight Death Warscroll
Coven Throne M01.jpg Coven Throne Soulblight Death Warscroll
Fell Bat M02.jpg Fell Bat Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vampire Lord M15.jpg Vampire Lord Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon M01.jpg Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vargheist M01.jpg Vargheist Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vargskyr M01.jpg Vargskyr Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vengorian Lord M01.jpg Vengorian Lord Soulblight Death Warscroll
Vyrkos Blood-born M01.jpg Vyrkos Blood-born Soulblight Death Warscroll