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This is a list of all Skaven characters in the Mortal Realms, split by factions, units and species.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kriktail Eshin Envoy Skaven An envoy of Clan Slynk who in the Time of Tribulations who was summoned by Grey Seer Retchnik to enter Shyish and steal the realmstone at Nagashizzar
Spark-eye Eshin Deathrunner Skaven A freakishly tall skaven whose black eyes are marbled with veins of gold and electric blue, he escorted Envoy Kriktail to see Retchnik.
Thwik Eshin Deathmaster Skaven Leader of the Thirteenth Blade, a slinktalon currently in the employ of Lord Hakkit of Clan Fang.
Skrillit Masterclan Grey Seer Skaven He leads an army of stormfiends and arcane skaven war engines.
Skritterik Masterclan Grey Seer Skaven He was an ally of Lord Hakkrit when he attacked Mausol.
Thanquol Masterclan Grey Seer Skaven A prodigious grey seer protected by Boneripper.
Boneripper Masterclan Thanquol's Mount Mutated Rat Ogor The mindless, but loyal bodyguard of Thanquol.
Rukhtik Moulder Things Twister Skaven In the Age of Chaos a Lord of Decay and member of the Council of Thirteen
Scruntclaw Moulder Master Moulder Skaven Part of the assault on Mausol, the city of bone.
Skabgut Moulder Master Moulder Skaven He raised a mighty horde against Ulmarsh and eventually overwhelmed it.
Skhorj Moulder Master Moulder Skaven During the Age of Chaos he wared against the Kharzmid Fyreslayer lodge.
Skurritch Moulder Master Moulder Skaven A Master Moulder.
Snitterskritch Moulder Master Moulder Skaven A Master Moulder who attempted to attack Nagashizzar via a gnawhole but instead a great wave of water flooded his tunnels and killed him and his horde.
Sturknik Moulder Master Moulder Skaven A Master Moulder.
Zhurn Aelf-eater Moulder Master Moulder Skaven A Lord of Decay, Master Moulder and holder of the tenth seat on the Council of Thirteen.
Kratsik of the Red Boil Pestilens Plague Priest Skaven His Virulent Procession was overun and destroyed near the start of the Age of Sigmar by Stormcast Eternals and Sylvaneth.
Rhaspfang Pestilens Pontifex-Pestilent Skaven He infected the breeding stock of Master Moulder Skhorj of Clan Ghrubbitus but then disappeared.
Rotfang Pestilens Plague Priest Skaven The Archchanter of Pustulance, is an infamous Skaven Plague Priest of the Clan Morbidus. He is fanatically devoted to the Great Horned Rat, driven heartless and self-interested as a skaven can be as well as a master of plague brewing that has created concoctions so potent that it overcame the immunity of his fellow Plague Priests, using it to kill entire conclaves of his rivals.
Blacktail Skryre Warlock Bombardier Skaven Creator of the Rip-flinger.
Enkril Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven A stunted Skaven Warlock Engineer that supported Ripsnikk's Raiders on their invasion of the Dawnspire.
Ikrit Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven A ancient skaven from the World-that-Was that seeks immortality and more.
Kratchik Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of a multi-barrelled version of the Warp Lightning Cannon.
Pitrikk Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He was trapped on the Latchkey Isle and went insane.
Quell Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of the Warp-Wheel and renegade with a price on his head from the Arch-Warlocks of Skryre.
Reeknik Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Whilst fighting Bonesplitter orruks he tried to destroy his allies in Clan Sputix
Skatchnik Skryre Warlock Bombardier Skaven One of the many who invaded the kingdom of Metallurgica in the Age of Sigmar
Shoktail Skryre Arch-Warlock Skaven He was enlisted by Lord Hakkrit of Clan Fang for his conquest of Mausol.
Skowl Scorchpaw Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He led a team to steal a Daemon summoning bell from a Chaos Cult for Grey Seer Nezslik.
Skrach Skryre High Arch-Warlock Skaven A member of the Council of Thirteen who is often found in his armoured simulacrum.
Snikrit Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He discovered a lost Duardin Hold and sought to build his own Sky-port
Steelklaw Skryre Warlock-Admiral (self titled) Skaven In the Age of Sigmar he created the Much-great Sky-kill Air Armada, which would inspire similar skaven air fleets.
Vileskrit Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of the Scrabble-Chewer Parasite Engine.
Volz Flayfang Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven He has a lair in the Fiend Crags in the Vilefang Wastes of the Realm of Ghur and has gained the weapon Mawclaw.
Vrikt Skryre Arch-Warlock Skaven An Arch-Warlock of Clans Skryre.
Warpskreech Skryre Warlock Engineer Skaven Creator of the Drill-Stabber Parasite Engine.
Hakfang Verminus Clawlord Skaven Clawlord of Clan Mors who during the war for the Scabrous Sprawl back stabbed his former lord Skuttklaw and personally offered his corpse to the Verminlord Gnawsoul.
Hakkrit Verminus Clawlord Skaven Lord of Clan Fang and Member of the Council of Thirteen following his conquest of the city of Mausol.
Kretch Warpfang Verminus Clawlord Skaven Grand High Clawmaster of Clan Rictus.
Krrk the Almost-Trusted Verminus Clanrat Skaven Second in command to Warlord Skritch Spiteclaw who leads Spiteclaw's Swarm in the cursed city of Shadespire. He is a particularly cruel skaven - something of an achievement in such a twisted race.
Rikfang Verminus Clawlord Skaven Gnawmaster of Clan Rictus, assailed the Fyreslayer hold at Furios Peak in the Realm of Aqshy with a powerful force from his lair under the Cynder Peaks. He remains under the patronage of Kratterklaw.
Rikkit Verminus Clawlord Skaven known as Lash-Liege by his underlings, is a Skaven Clawlord of the Clans Verminus Clan Mekkrit.
Ripsnikk Verminus Clawlord Skaven The Warlord that leads Ripsnikk's Raiders.
Skritch Spiteclaw Verminus Clawlord Skaven Clawlord that leads Spiteclaw's Swarm who are trapped in the cursed city of Shadespire.
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