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This is a list of scenery playable in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar that have been named by Games Workshop in official texts. It does not include any "home grown" scenery. The list includes a link to the corresponding Warscroll as well as the Factions and Grand Alliances each unit belongs too.


Image Scenery Category Warscroll
Herdstone M01.jpg Herdstone Beasts of Chaos Warscroll
Skull Altar M01.png Skull Altar Blades of Khorne Warscroll
Fane of Slaanesh M01.jpg Fane of Slaanesh Hedonites of Slaanesh Warscroll
Feculent Gnarlmaw M01.jpg Feculent Gnarlmaw Maggotkin of Nurgle Warscroll
Gnawhole M01.jpg Skaven Gnawhole Skaventide Warscroll
Charnel Throne M01.jpg Charnel Throne Flesh-Eater Courts Warscroll
Bone Tithe Nexus M01.jpg Bone Tithe Nexus Ossiarch Bonereapers [ Warscroll]
Bad Moon Loonshrine M01.jpg Bad Moon Loonshrine Gloomspite Gitz Warscroll
Great Mawpot M01.jpg Great Mawpot Ogor Mawtribes Warscroll
Mawpit M01.jpg Mawpit Ogor Mawtribes
Magmic Battleforge M01.jpg Magmic Battleforge Fyreslayers Warscroll
Gloomtide Shipwreck M01.jpg Gloomtide Shipwreck Idoneth Deepkin Warscroll
Sylvaneth Wyldwood M01.jpg Sylvaneth Wyldwood Sylvaneth Scenery Compendium
Awakened Wyldwood M01.jpg Awakened Wyldwood Sylvaneth Warscroll
Arcanabulum M01.jpg Arcanabulum Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Arcane Ruins M01.jpg Arcane Ruins Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Azyrite Ruin M01.jpg Azyrite Ruins Battlefield Terrain Realm of Battle: Blasted Hallowheart rules
Baleful Realmgate M01.jpg Baleful Realmgate Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Barbed Venomgorse M01.jpg Barbed Venomgorse Battlefield Terrain White Dwarf August 2017, pg. 138
Chapel M01.jpg Chapel Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Deathknell Watch M01.jpg Deathknell Watch Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Dragonfate Dais M01.jpg Dragonfate Dais Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Dreadfire Portal M02.jpg Dreadfire Portal Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Dreadstone Blight M01.jpg Dreadstone Blight Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Enduring Stormvault M01.jpg Enduring Stormvault Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Eternity Stair M02.jpg Eternity Stair Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Fell Chasm M01.jpg Fell Chasm Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Fortified Manor M01.jpg Fortified Manor Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Magewrath Throne M01.jpg Magewrath Throne Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Numinous Occulum M01.jpg Numinous Occulum Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Ophidian Archway M01.jpg Ophidian Archway Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Warscryer Citadel M01.jpg Warscryer Citadel
Skullvane Manse
Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Shardwrack Spine M01.jpg Shardwrack Spine Battlefield Terrain White Dwarf August 2017, pg. 138
Shattered Temple M01.jpg Shattered Temple Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Sigmarite Dais M01.jpg Sigmarite Dias Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Sigmarite Mausoleum M01.jpg Sigmarite Mausoleum
Garden of Morr
Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Timeworn Ruins M01.jpg Timeworn Ruins Battlefield Terrain Warscroll
Temple of Skulls M01.jpg Temple of Skulls Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Walls and Fences M01.jpg Walls and Fences Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Watchtower M01.jpg Watchtower Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Witchfate Tor M01.jpg Witchfate Tor Battlefield Terrain Scenery Compendium
Crucible M01.jpg Crucible Chaos Dreadhold
Fortress Wall M01.jpg Fortress Wall Chaos Dreadhold Warscroll
Malefic Gate M01.jpg Malefic Gate Chaos Dreadhold Warscroll
Overlord Bastion M01.jpg Overlord Bastion Chaos Dreadhold Warscroll
Skull Keep M01.jpg Skull Keep Chaos Dreadhold Warscroll