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This is a list of all characters belonging to the Grand Alliance of Order but not a specific faction. For a list of all characters see: List of Characters.

For the Sub-Lists see:


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Shevanya Arclis Order Explorer Aelf A Explorer or Tomb Raider, depending on your perspective who travels the realms.
Aeygar Ayr Augus Order Princess Aetar Daughter of Augus Ayr Augellon, the ruler of the Aetar of Gorkoman Mountain.
Augus Ayr Augellon Order King Aetar Lord of the giant celestial eagles that rule the peaks of Gorkoman Mountain.
Ellias Ip Augus Order Queen Aetar Lady of the giant celestial eagles that rule the peaks of Gorkoman Mountain.
Broukan Hammerlung‎ Order Mercenary Duardin A sellsword and bodyguard to several Masters of Brotherhood of Larcenists in the city of Izalend.
Gotrek Gurnisson Order Slayer Duardin A legendary Slayer who stepped into the Realm of Chaos from the End Times of the World-that-Was and later found himself in the Mortal Realms.
Vali Order Assistant Duardin An ancient duardin who has been at the side of the god Grungni for many millennia
Sophia Altenbach Order Castellan Human An infamous artist and the daughter of a powerful family in the Realm of Azyr who survived charges of heresy and was exiled as Castellan of the Grave of Heroes
Sanasay Bayla Order Wizard Human A powerful mage in the Age of Myth, said to be the finest thinker and most powerful wizard in the Realm of Ghyran.
Yhorsk Casran Order Master Human Briefly Master of the thieves guild - the Brotherhood of Larcenists in the port city of Izalend.
Elya Order Street Urchin Human A child of Glymmsforge also known as the Queen of Cats
Jacques vil Granciere Order Thief Human Also known as Grey Jacques and the Scourge of the Dostoyem nobility he is now a revenant on the Latchkey Isle
Guym Order Philosopher Human A philosopher and author in the Lantic Empire in the Age of Myth.
Malvo L'Polche Guinmark Order Master Human He is the Master of the thieves guild - the Brotherhood of Larcenists in the port city of Izalend.
Palento Herst Order Author Human An author who wrote about many aspects of the Realm of Shyish.
Horrin Order Inn Keeper Human He runs the Brazen Claw Inn near the Amethyst Heights in the Realm of Shyish.
Kalja Order Tribal Leader Human A tribal leader on the Brimstone Peninsula who witnessed the first clash between the Goretide and the Hammers of Sigmar, she joined the Stormcast, killing a blood warrior herself. Vandus Hammerhand found her there after the battle, marvelling that she had survived at all, untainted.
Katrik le Guillion Order Prime Commander Human She was Prime Commander of the city of Hammerhal during the Time of Tribulations.
Tarlach Malthar Order Adventuer Human He is a noted diarist and adventuer who published Travels in Shyish
Katalya Mourne Order Warrior Human Last of the Mourne tribe of the Realm of Ghyran, she rides her Tattakan mount, Ketto.
Tobias Kench Order Watchman Human A watchman in the city of Draconium in the Realm of Aqshy
Acrius Kope Order Duellist Human The Gallant of Glymmsforge, Acrius is an infamous duellist.
Ogwell Mancini Order Author Human An artist, author and student of architecture who wrote about the Realm of Shyish, in particular the city of Helstone.
Zana Mathos Order Agent of Grungni Human A sell sword who has been enlisted by Grungni to find the Eight Lamentations
Tulla Mir Order Preceptor Human A member of the cartographer's guild, she was a senior official in the civilian contingent of the reclaimation of Caddow.
Occlesius Order Explorer Human A famed traveller, philosopher, statesman and inventor in the Age of Myth whose writings survived into the Age of Sigmar.
Sofia Order Legendary Heroine Human A heroine of the Kingdom of Kharza who defeated the hydra Rhasst in the Age of Myth.
Ninian Order Inn Keeper Human She assists her husband, Horrin in running the Brazen Claw Inn near the Amethyst Heights in the Realm of Shyish.
Sarmiel el Talamé Order General Human A General in the city state of Jercho in the Realm of Ghur who aided Hamilcar Bear-Eater in claiming his city for Sigmar
Tupo Vend Order Paymaster Human Tupo helps others forge armies for others - from a hundred to ten thousand mercenaries.
Gasper Twayn Order Conclave Member Human He runs one of the largest sky fishing fleets in the Realm of Azyr and is a member of the Grand Conclave of Azyrheim.
Yare Order Philosopher Human A renowned philosopher of the Realm of Ghyran

Mysanta Order Guardian Statue Sister to Theadicles, the pair act as guardians of the latchkey Isle
Theadicles Order Guardian Statue Brother to Mysanta, the pair act as guardians of the latchkey Isle
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