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This is a list of all Ogor characters in the Mortal Realms, split by factions, units and species.


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Murrag Destruction Ogor A powerful and dangerous female Ogor who leads the many semi-legitimate and illegitimate businesses involving antiques, artefacts and relics in Blackfire Bight.
Asger Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord Ogor Former Frostlord of the Jarkan Alfrostun
Braggoth Vardruk Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord Ogor The Frost King of the Boulderhead Mawtribe.
Baergut Vosjarl Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord Ogor A Beastclaw Ogor hero that witnessed the creation of the Alfrostuns and became the first Frostlord. Most Ogors believe that it was he who first summoned the first Everwinter.
Gruthbav Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord Ogor The Frostlord, who killed Sloughtooth of the Manglegut Rotfray
Hrothgorn Mantrapper Beastclaw Raiders Icebrow Hunter Ogor Trapped in the Beastgrave he leads Hrothgorn's Mantrappers
Storm Speaker Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord Ogor Leader of the Jarkan Alfrostun
Vorgrun Loshar Beastclaw Raiders Frostlord Ogor Leader of the Splinterguts
Ashur Firebellies Firebelly Ogor He leads the Gutstuffers mercenary company, a band of Maneaters who crave cooked flesh.

Gorblug Gutbusters Gutbuster Prince Ogor The Gutlord, the Gutbuster prince of the Golden Horde.
Klobb Bloodbelly Gutbusters Tyrant Ogor Tyrant of the Cracked Rib Warglutt who fought a Flesh-Eater Court in defence of Ixnia until their food supplies were destroyed.

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