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This is a list of all Endless Spells playable in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar that has been named by Games Workshop in official texts. It does not include any "home grown" spells. This list includes a link to the corresponding Warscroll and Factions each spell belongs too.


Image Effect Category Warscroll
Heart of Fury.jpeg Heart of Fury Invocation of Khaine Warscroll
Molten Infernoth M01.jpg Molten Infernoth Magmic Invocation Warscroll
Runic Fyrewall M01.jpg Runic Fyrewall Magmic Invocation Warscroll
Zharrgron Flame-Spiter M01.jpg Zharrgron Flame-Spiter Magmic Invocation Warscroll

Bleeding Icon M01.png Bleeding Icon Judgement of Khorne Warscroll
Hexgorger Skull M01.png Hexgorger Skull Judgement of Khorne Warscroll
Wrath Axe M01.png Wrath Axe Judgement of Khorne Warscroll