Lion Rangers

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Lion Rangers
White Lion 01.jpg
A White Lion Guardian.
Grand alliance Order
Races Aelf
Vehicles White Lion Chariot
Creatures War Lion

Lion Rangers are a monastic order of Aelves who trace the origins of their warrior brotherhood back to ancient martial tradition of aelves who hunted the mountains around Azyrheim in the Age of Myth[1][2]


A powerful warrior-brotherhood of Aelves who wield mighty war-axes with uncanny precision and skill, this ancient order of the Lion Rangers came to the aid of other Aelves in time of war or gave them shelter in their remote monasteries. They fought hard and long in the early years of the Age of Chaos and consequently few survived to reach the safety of Azyrheim when the great gates of the Realm of Azyr closed.[1]

The survivors no longer trusted the strength of fortress walls or defiant keeps, but rather roamed the realm as warrior-mystics, giving aid to the inhabitants where they could. Once the gates reopened however they joined the huge armies that swept out into the Mortal Realms serving as scouts both on foot and in their renowned chariots.[1]


The Lion Rangers did not fight alone, they train War Lions and it was these formidable beasts that drew their chariots to battle.[1]


They wear cloaks that can turn missiles aside with ease and wield huge war axes sharp enough to cut a man in two.[2]


Lion Rangers
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