Lightning Battery

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Lightning Batteries are objects created to store lightning which can be released for various purposes.[1a]


The main component of a Lightning Battery is a conductive material, these could include various materials available in the Mortal Realms such as sigmarite talismans, Dragon Ogor hearts and mollusc shells fossilised in Fangmora Eel dens. [1a]


Lightning Batteries generate a small amount of Azyr’s celestial energy when empowered by an adequate charge. The simplest use is to discharge bolts of lightning to blast away enemies but they are used for a wide variety of purposes across the realms by various factions. They are used as energy sources for machinery such as vehicles and automatons with the Ironweld Arsenal in the Greywater Fastness constantly experimenting with them to power new types of locomotion. Meanwhile in Athanasia Necromancers use their spark to reanimate grotesque monsters of great power.[1a]

However a Lightning Battery does not have infinite power and needs to be recharged after the energy stored within is depleted.[1a]