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A Liege-Kavalos is a warrior-monarch of the Ossiarch Bonereapers that act as cavalry commanders. Consisting of a composite soul created from heroes that inspired loyalty and devotion in masses of followers in life and in death, the lieges' command over their subordinates is total and absolute. Each Liege-Kavalos has the simple duty of hunting down those who escape the Ossiarchs' fateful tithe. While crushing a township can be done in a single day of carnage when it involves entire nations, the Liege-Kavalos' true qualities come to the fore. Each liege knows the capabilities of Kavalos Deathriders more than any other and will use them in an overlapping series of attacks that takes apart the wayward nation's military piece by piece.[1][2]

They exist only to be weapons in the hands of their masters and will work towards their goal ceaselessly, neither deviating from their assigned task nor looking back for even a moment. When ordered to wipe out an enemy they will achieve it charge by charge as long as members of the Mortisan priesthood were there to shore up the numbers of their armies at each day's end until the enemy is wiped out even if it takes decades.[1]


A Liege-Kavalos is armed with a Commander's Blade and a Nadirite Battle-shield while his Kavalos steed is constructed with Teeth, Barbed Tails and Nadirite-shod hooves.[2]



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