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A list of things to do to get the Lexicanum up-to-date, divided by various settings. These are organized by order of priority.


  • Remove all the -- style="background:#8C7154" in table lists.
  • Replace all " ’ " with " ' ".
  • Remove all examples of double spacing.
  • Recreate templates like WIP or Stubs.

Age of Sigmar - Mortal Realms

Priority - Great Parch

Because the AoS RPG is going to start to be about the Great Parch in Aqshy, I'm gonna request that anybody with any information on any topic related to Great Parch, from landmasses, oceans(I'm going to go over the sub-regions of the Great Parch and adding them as I go along), inhabitants, gods, fauna, flora amongst other. I'll be posting a list of important articles in this section that we should contribute towards before the release of the RPG. Do note that still have plenty of time, because the RPG is only set to be released in Q3 2019(July).

  • Known sources
    • Core Rulebook 2nd Edition: Currently updating each region with a portion of the map. Afterwards I'll analyse the history.
    • Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts: Map analysed and updated. The book itself needs to be checked for any information on the Scarred Isle and the Brimstone Peninsula.
    • Mighty Battles: Brimstone Peninsula stuff.
    • Gates of Azyr: Any information on the Brimstone Peninsula need to be updated.
    • Firestorm: All info on the cities of Anvilgard, Hallowheart, Tempest's Eye and Hammerhall, as well as surrounding regions needs to be reviewed.
  • Landmasses
    • Vanx: Bleached Forest, Serried Peaks, Vanx Littoral, Wreckers Isle
    • Cotha: Cape Knife, Isle of Trysts
    • Golvaria: Anvilgard, The Beaten Men, Brutos Hills, Callidium, Castle Drakesbane, Crimson Twins, Cupricon Range, Fury Strait, Hag's Delta, Hallowheart, The Narrows, Prismatikos, Reaver Wastes, Ruins of Ahramentia, Resinwood Coast, Skyheim's Peaks, Vale of Cursed Beasts, Vendetta Bridge, Opal Isle, Isle of Trysts
    • Bataar: Armada's Bane, The Beastbridge, Betrayer Fjords, The Bloodied Track, Bright Mountains, Broker's Bay, Flamespider Woad, The Gatelands, Lake of Dark Pacts, Ports of Commerce, The Sea Wound, Silker's Ridge, Venal Peaks, Isle of Trysts, Isle of Exiles
    • Aspiria: Agloraxian Citadels, The Aspirides, Bridge of Brine, Bright Mountains, Disintegrating Shores, Lucid Coast, Passion's Gate, Steel Spire, Vociferous Delta, Isle of Exiles, Shattered Fortress Isles.


These articles are slightly more important than the rest below this. We need any information on the following so we can make their article as quickly as possible:

  • Concepts
    • On the Aethersea from the Idoneth Deepkin Battletome.
  • Other
    • Confirming the correct names for the Skulltaker and the Daemon in the Slayer of Kings. Their names are too similar (U'zhul vs U'zuhl) and the article names are probably wrong.


Some characters are more important than others and, as such, I have to make a request that anybody that has any sources with the following characters to add the information to their articles. This is a Permanent Request.


Some of the following articles need to be rewritten, because they were directly copypasted from the source or other wikis:


The main regions describbed in the Core Rulebooks need to be continously update with new information. These region articles are:

Overall Plot

There are a few articles that correspond to the Overall plot of the Age of Sigmar, from its start during the Realmgate Wars to the current events. These are:


Continously update the Lists in the List of Lists checking category pages to see if everything's properly update. The following tasks are important need to be done:

Wanted Articles & Files

The following are lists of possible articles often with their associated source:


List of location articles that are missing organized by Realm:


List of creatures that are missing articles organized by source:


List of characters that are missing articles organized by source:


  • We need to create articles about all shorts of publications, the list of what kinda of articles we are missing see the red links in the following article List of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar books


Other Websites

Other websites can have reliable information that can be added to the Lexicanum and others might have content that has been erased by GW but we still need to complete some articles. Here is a few examples:

  • Upload maps from Facebook with Map albums and add them to the respective pages and to a map section on each Mortal Realms article.