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This project seeks to gather questions about the lore of the Age of Sigmar setting that you would ask its creators. It should focus on issues where there is confusion or points of contention.

They are formatted in a way of short question followed by explanation of why the question was asked and where does the confusion comes from.

Cosmology & Geography

The Realmgate Wars: Godbeasts states that the Brimstone Peninsula is part of the Scarred Isle, but since then the Scarred Isle or the other nearby landmasses have never been mentioned again. With the 2nd Edition Core Rulebook the Brimstone Peninsula is part of the Great Parch.

  • How do sub-realms and demi-realms differ or are they synonymous terms?

Many books use the term sub-realm and demi-realm through the use seems inconsistent. Demi-realm is used for things like Ulh-Gysh and the Allpoints, while sub-realms seem to be used more commonly for parts of a larger realm.


  • Is the Newborn a similar entity to the Screaming God Child from the Malus Darkblade comic?

The Screaming God Child is a strange entity in the Fantasy Battles setting that only appears in that comic with power beyond that of a Greater Daemon and a Daemon Prince. It has physical similarities with the Gaunt Summoners and is kept prisoner by daemon-statues of Lords of Change. This implies that it has a relationship with Tzeentch.

Hashut and the Great Gatherer are stated to be Daemon-Gods.


Archmages were originally a rank or unit within the Eldritch Council, but there have been multiple mentions of Archmages in the Collegiate Arcane in the following books Thieves' Paradise, City of Secrets and Manse of Mirrors. This is confusing.

The Grand Alliance: Order states that Darkling Covens originates from Ulgu and Shyish, but subsequent releases mention only Ulgu.

The Product Description for the Akhelian Allopex states that the crewmembers are Akhelian Guard, but the Battletome: Idoneth Deepkin (2018) states only that they are Akhelian novices.

  • What is Sigmar's empire?

A term that often comes up in the lore is "Sigmar's empire" with little explanation to what that entails. Is it an actual nation with Sigmar and the Lords of the Heavenhall in charge of it, an umbrella term for simply anything controlled by Sigmar, or something else?


  • Nullstone, Voidstone and Negastone are very similar materials with anti-magic properties. Are they just different names for the same material and, if not, how are they different?

Nullstone is a crystalized shard of the Aetheric void. What exactly is Voidstone is unknown, but the name implies it also originates from the Aetheric Void. Negastone are mentioned in the Negastone Arks of the Collegiate Arcane.