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This page tries to record and analyse the various hints and possibilities for future factions that exist in the Age of Sigmar universe to be brought into the game.

This article is not to be taken as definitive and will include some speculation. This article will not seek to examine possible future releases of factions that already have rules.



The aelven souls extracted from Slaanesh have been used by Morathi to create the Scáthborn, in the Daughters of Khaine faction, and by Teclis to create the failed Cythay, which would later become the Idoneth Deepkin, and later the Lumineth Realm-lords. The other Aelven gods in the deal to extract souls from Slaanesh are heavily hinted in the background.

  • Ulgu's Aelves: Created by Malerion.


The Duardin are often reclusive and isolationist and after the fall of the Khazalid Empire many Duardin holds hid in their holds, like the Fyreslayers, or escaped into new places, like the Kharadron Overlords. As a counterpoint these can be presented as different sub-factions of the Dispossessed faction.


Slaaneshi factions

Unlike the other individual Chaos Gods faction, the Slaaneshi faction has always been united from the start in the Hosts of Slaanesh faction. In each of the Battletomes for the united factions they have inserted rules to make the individual Core Factions playable even if not united, which has yet to happen for Slaanesh

  • Daemons of Slaanesh: A faction containing all the Daemons of Slaanesh. The Core rulebook for the 2nd edition of Age of Sigmar has this faction labelled under one of the miniatures. Has 12 units in game.
  • Slaanesh's specialist mortals: A faction containing the mortals that serve Slaanesh, excluding those belonging to the Beasts of Chaos and Slaves to Darkness faction. Exactly the same form as Tzeentch Arcanites, Khorne Bloodbound and Nurgle Rotbringers. Has currently only one unit in the game, the Hellstrider of Slaanesh, with two others, Chaos Lord of Slaanesh on foot and on mount, are legacy.
    • The Novel Scourge of Fate mentions a Court of Seven Virtues, ruled by a Slaanesh Aelven Prince. He is noteworthy for having pitch-black eyes and taken as a sign of Slaanesh worship.

Skaven Great Clans

When the Great Horned Rat left the Skaven on the Mortal Realms, they were structured into the Great Clans. Of these it was possible that he left up to 13 clans plus the Masterclan. Of these 12 were definitely known to exist and the vast majority was supposedly destroyed by the enemies of their race or one of the many skaven civil wars. Since only 5 Great Clans, Eshin, Pestilens, Verminus, Skryre and Moulder, are known to survive to this day, there is a possibility of 8 other Clans to return to Age of Sigmar as a full-fledged factions. There were mostly mentioned in the Battletome: Skaven (2019)

  • Clans Tichritt were destroyed back in the Age of Myth by Sigmar and his allies. They were one of 12 existing clans at the time and used Chronomantic weapons.
    • They could possibly return through Time-Travel
  • Clans Ikk are feral skaven with animal ferocity destroyed during the Great Civil War. Rivals of Verminus, which commissioned their destruction to Pestilens using one of their plagues.
  • Clans Shrykt, after the Great Civil War all their clans went to Aqshy and disappeared into a enormous Gnawhole to never appear again. One of the Lords of Decay that Verminking killed to make a point and end the Great Civil War was called Lieweaver Yrkrit and might have a connection to this faction since they are the only one that is not represented by one of the other 5 surviving factions.
  • Other 5 possible factions that are not mentioned in any form.

Servants of Hashut

Chaos Duardin, Ba'hal and K'daai, all servants of the Chaos God Hashut, have been mentioned and hinted in the lore but has yet to make an appearance and lacks a proper rulebook or a Battletome.

  • Con: They are represented by the Legion of Azgorh released by Forge world and they have a compendium.
  • The twisted Duardin of Zharr Vyxia in the Prime Innerlands, mentioned in the 2nd edition core rulebook, are implied to be Chaos Duardin.
  • Chaos Duardin are mentioned in the Scourge of Fate novel as the smiths of Chaos.
  • The Vosforge is mentioned in the Tome Celestial: Vostarg Lodge as having runes dedicated to the Father of Darkness around it.

Coiling Ones

Serpentine demons said to be served by the Splintered Fang. Might be related to the Snakemen of Khuresh from the World-That-Was and the Chaos Snakemen from the WHFB 1st Edition.

Order of the Fly

A Nurglite Order of Knights that borrowed heavily from Brettonian themes and appears in various novels. Possibly just part of Nurgle Rotbringers but has lot of unique traits like the Lady of Cankerwall and Pestigor Squires.



The Grot tribes are said to have split into numerous different types of tribes during the Age of Myth. The only know current examples known to have factions are the Gitmob, the Moonclan and the Spiderfang, as well as some other grots servants under Gutbusters. There are more different types of grot tribes out there.

  • Unconfirmed: I only heard about this and never read the appropriate sections. If anybody can check the above-mentioned statement in the Gloomspite Gitz tome or other and adjust it I would be grateful.


An army made out of Fimir. They currently have a Warrior and Noble from Forgeworld as miniatures, but no faction keywords or allegiance abilities.

  • It's unknown why they are part of the Grand Alliance of Destruction.
  • In the 2nd edition Core Rulebook they inhabit the island called the Peel in the Realm of Ghyran.


Tomb King Keywords

The Compendiums of the Tomb Kings have several keywords to enhance and limit the synergy between factions. These could be used to represent future factions.

  • Mortuary Priesthood: Represented by the Liche Priest and Casket of Souls units.
  • Desert Legions: Represented by the Tomb Herald, Skeletal Legionnaires, Skeleton Archers, Skeleton Horsemen, Skeleton Horse Archers, Skeleton Archers, Tomb Guard, Necropolis Knights, Warsphinx, the crew of a Screaming Skull Catapult unit.



They are mentioned in the 2nd Core Rulebook.