Lesser Twinstone

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Lesser Twinstones are gemstones infused with both Life Magic and Fire Magic created when gens are left near the Stormrift Realmgate.[1a]


Lesser Twinstones are created when lapidarists leave gemstones near the Stormrift Realmgate hoping to create a new Twinstone. The great cascading waves of Life Magic and Fire Magic that crash into each other around the Realmgate infusing into the gems, but the vast majority of such infusions are not stable. Only the Twinstone itself has ever been truly stable, achieving long-lasting balance between these magics. Nevertheless the semi-successful Lesser Twinstones have their uses.[1a]


When crushed a Lesser Twinstone can release a wave of either Life Magic or Fire Magic, followed shortly after by a wave of the other magic. No matter which wave of magic comes first or second, the effects are the same. The Life Magic heals those nearby the crushed fragments of the stone, whereas the Fire Magic burns those near it.[1a]

See also

  • Twinstone: Standing above the lesser gems is the Twinstone itself, the only known gem of its kind to have ever achieved stability.[1a]