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Lemerus of the Sibilant Glade was a Chaos Lord of Slaanesh and lieutenant of Bakhos and a member of the Joyous Revelry. [1]

It was unclear what gender it was and may have originally been an Aelf. [1a]


Tendrils of braided hair hung down from his head, his features being mostly delicate with pure black eyes but his mouth was a red slit, held open by hooks [1a] with shark like teeth. [1b] He carried a long-handled maul with its head carved in the shape of a womans face and he wore dark scaled armour.[1a]


He was from the Realm of Ghyran [1a] and said to be the child of a mortal warrior and a Daemonette. [1b]


I am the child of divinity. The blood of a god runs in my veins. In time, I might ascend to my father's kingdom, as a true prince of the realm - if I prove myself worthy.

~Lemerus to Bakhos .[1c]


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