Legion of Night

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Legion of Night
Grand alliance Death
Major characters Mannfred

The Legion of Night represents the myriad of forces under the command of the Mortarch of Night, Mannfred von Carstein. [1a]

The Legion is a powerful weapon of terror used by Nagash, his Mortarch and his own minions to not only defeat and destroy their enemies but to make a gruesome example of them to any others that might dare stand against the lords of death.[1a]

Nagash will call upon his Mortarch's to carry out his will and they either act themselves or more often, in turn call upon their own subordinates to lead elements of their vast legions into battle. [1a]


The Legion of Night has the greatest raw military strength under any Vampire in the Mortal Realms. Vampires under the Mortarch of Night are amongst the cruellest and most callous, considering themselves the true lords of the night, far above the mortal chattel those that show even the slightest hint of reservation is disposed of and replaced by a stronger believer of the ideals of Soulblight supremacy.[2b] While von Carsteins are an ancient lineage few true von Carsteins remain, slain by brave heroes, descended into blood-crazed lunacy, cast off their heritage to form new lineages or been betrayed to their destruction by the jealous Mannfred many of the dynasties sired by the Mortarch’s pawn still pledge obeisance to the Sanguine Throne of Carstinia. Further many grave-empires across the realms are ruled by vampires granted dominion over conquered lands in return for their undying loyalty to the legion and Mannfred allows his subordinates to pursue their own desires as long as they bring misery to the living but in battle when he himself rides at the head he demands total obedience.[2b] Mannfred’s conniving ways are known across the realms and many Soulblight nobles within the Legion of Night seek to emulate their master and earn his favour through the greatest displays of ingenuity and cunning and those that succeed enter Carstein’s inner circle of warlords which also allows the mortarch to keep an eye upon those who prove too clever for their own good. The Legion of Night welcomes all kinds of vampires, even the twisted monstrosities known as Vengorian Lords as well as those of a more subtle nature.[2b]


The sheer size of the Legion of Night allows them to summon many Soulblight lords each bringing great hosts of the undead bound to the will of the vampires. Mannfred does not discriminate the corpses necromantically drafted into his armies, masses of moaning Deadwalkers lurch forward as a tide of rotting flesh while Deathrattle cohorts march in lockstep beneath washed-out banners containing the symbols of long-forgotten empires. Mannfred’s creed, that honour, morality and notions of prideful dignity are nothing more than impediments to victory are eagerly followed by his disciples, who only care about their own selfish desires. Huge swarms of Deadwalker Zombies and Deathrattle Skeletons are dragged from their resting places and thrown at the foe to overwhelm them with sheer numbers.[2b]

While it relies on hordes of mindless undead Mannfred himself is a master of the conniving ploy and the dishonourable act. Tactics such as resurrecting waves of pox-ridden zombies to spread wasting disease, torturing captives within the walls of their own cities before brutally executing them and reanimating their mutilated bodies, forming temporary, false alliances with desperate mortal commanders only to seed their ranks with vampirism has given the Legion of Night infamy among the forces of Soulblight Gravelords.[2b]


During the Barrow Wars Mannfred led the Legion of Night in a campaign of ambushes against the attackers but was unable to hold back the sheer number of attackers.[2a]

Mannfred uses himself as bait to lure the Flyblown Legion deep into Rotsoul Mire where thousands of deadwalkers suddenly arise and battle the worshippers of Nurgle. Undaunted the chaos warriors fight on, only succumbing when the Mortarch leads a charge into the rear of their formation, slaughtering each and every one of them. [1b]

The Legion of Night served as Nagash’s foremost terror weapon but was replaced with the ascension of Lady Olynder and her Legion of Grief. But Mannfred’s long-honed ability to adapt ensured that instead of losing influence he became even more vital to the Great Necromancer. When Arkhan the Black butchered his retinue of Necromancers known as the Black Disciples, to create a cabal of Ossiarch Mortisans, Manfred offered patronage to the scattered survivors gaining a host of talented Deathmages and the knowledge of his rival Mortarch. [2b]

Mannfred chosen by Nagash to spearhead the War of the Mortarchs alongside Neferata and Arkhan the Black to extend the hunger of the Shyish Nadir across the realms. But when his efforts to create a lesser nadir in Invidia were repulsed he quickly retreated to Shyish and annexed Neferata’s unprotected borderlands while she was still engaged on her own mission.[2b]


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