Legion of Night

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Legion of Night
Grand alliance Death
Major characters Mannfred

The Legion of Night represents the myriad of forces under the command of the Mortarch of Night, Mannfred von Carstein. [1a]

The Legion is a powerful weapon of terror used by Nagash, his Mortarch and his own minions to not only defeat and destroy their enemies but to make a gruesome example of them to any others that might dare stand against the lords of death.[1a]

Nagash will call upon his Mortarch's to carry out his will and they either act themselves or more often, in turn call upon their own subordinates to lead elements of their vast legions into battle. [1a]


Mannfred uses himself as bait to lure the Flyblown Legion deep into Rotsoul Mire where thousands of deadwalkers suddenly arise and battle the worshippers of Nurgle. Undaunted the chaos warriors fight on, only succumbing when the Mortarch leads a charge into the rear of their formation, slaughtering each and every one of them. [1b]


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