Legion of Blood

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Legion of Blood
Grand alliance Death
Major characters Neferata

The Legion of Blood represents the myriad of forces under the command of the Mortarch of Blood, Queen Neferata. [1a]

The Legion is made up of a vast array of minions, armies, cults and spies that weave a web of intrigue and power for their mistress (and her master) across the entire Mortal Realms. It includes secretive blood-cults that are hidden within the grand cities of Sigmar, powerful armies of conquest led by Soulblight Vampires, networks of spies and Agents of Neferata.[1a]

Nagash will call upon his Mortarch's to carry out his will and they either act themselves or more often, in turn call upon their own subordinates to lead elements of their vast legions into battle. [1a]


The Sons of the Storm Stormcast Eternals are ambushed by the Legion at the Molten Lakes in the Realm of Chamon, although the undead host is eventually driven off after three days of hard fighting, not all of the slain Stormcast return to the Realm of Azyr. [1b]


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