Legion of Blood

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Legion of Blood
Grand alliance Death
Major characters Neferata

The Legion of Blood represents the myriad of forces under the command of the Mortarch of Blood, Queen Neferata. [1a]

The Legion is made up of a vast array of minions, armies, cults and spies that weave a web of intrigue and power for their mistress (and her master) across the entire Mortal Realms. It includes secretive blood-cults that are hidden within the grand cities of Sigmar, powerful armies of conquest led by Soulblight Vampires, networks of spies and Agents of Neferata.[1a]

Nagash will call upon his Mortarch's to carry out his will and they either act themselves or more often, in turn call upon their own subordinates to lead elements of their vast legions into battle. [1a]


Led by Neferata, the Legion of Blood exemplify the splendour of the Midnight Aristocracy. The legion is a nebulous thing, its goals and machinations as inscrutable as they are effective reflecting the will of she who rules from the centre of its sanguine web. While most undead are naturally drawn to stagnation, the secret libraries of Nulahmia are filled with treatises penned in drained vitae by the Queen of Blood expounding her learnings on mastering the shifting eddies of power.

In Neferatia, many peasant villages are little more than blood farms where living chattel are broken in will, butchered and served upon the feasting tables of Nulahmia’s undead aristocracy while the mortals in the illusion-shrouded city fare little better. Through ancient traditions such as the Culling of the Firstborn, the Feast of Morbheg and the Dance of the Red Goblet, she keeps the noble houses suppressed and at one another’s throats while identifying candidates to ‘bless’ with the blood kiss. Neferata’s favour is typically bestowed upon females, but anyone that display skill in command, intrigue and subtlety are inducted into her bloodline who are then ordered to sate their thirst with the blood of their own kin, binding them to Neferata in evil and removing potential rebellious thorns. [2a]

It is the duty of the Legion of Blood to serve as Nagash’s spymasters and agents of anarchy and from the inner sanctums of the Palace of Blood, Neferata weaves a web of corruption of such staggering complexity that only she could truly comprehend it. Many mortal-held territories are host to secretive blood-cults, vampiric covens and underground societies of Necromancers sponsored by the lords and ladies of Nulahmia.

The Legion controls one of the finest spy networks in all the Mortal Realms monitoring war camps of the Eightpoints, guildhouses of Kharadron sky-ports and the mansions of magnates throughout the free cities. She directs her agents by many arcane means such as scrying fonts filled with the fresh, glistening blood of sacrificed seers and ensorcelled Fell Bats that roost in crumbling mausoleums and serve as the Mortarch's eyes but she also appreciates handwritten correspondence. The Order of Azyr has even created a sub-branch known as the Clearblood Fellowship dedicated to unravelling Neferata’s spy networks who suspect that she has successfully planted her most skilled intelligencers into Azyrheim itself.[2a]


The core of the Legion of Blood is composed of Deathrattle barrow-cohorts. While Neferata and her favoured generals, the Sanguinarchs and Vampire Lords of Nulahmia will resurrect hordes of Deadwalkers when necessary, they consider them to be unsightly servants. Deathrattle troops are clad in polished armour and cloth dyed shades of scarlet and imperial purple, their bones are cleansed with scented oils or painted with fine inks by an underclass of mortal slaves charged with ensuring the legion’s cohorts remain immaculate under the threat of becoming the vampires' next meal. Many of the legion’s elite wights are former members of Nulahmian noble houses, still bearing their former heraldry.

The Deathrattle warriors of the Legion of Blood do not simply grind the foe down through mindless attrition but instead Skeleton cohorts will engage key portions of the enemy line before parting their ranks to let Black Knights and Grave Guard to deliver the final blow. As many Vampires come seeking the favour of Neferata, offering their combat prowess the vampires of the legion are amongst the most skilled in all the realms, rivalled only by those of the Kastelai Dynasty. [2a]

Unlike most Gravelord armies which usually have one or two vampires leading armies, the armies of the Legion of Blood tend to be commanded by entire covens. Particular courtiers are assembled and dispatched by Neferata to oversee her complex schemes, ensuring that their ambitions play against eachother. [2a]

The overlords of the Legion of Blood prize military intelligence above all and while not as contemptuous of the living aslike the Legion of Night, they revel in any opportunity to outmanoeuvre ‘lackwit’ mortals before annihilating them in battle. Tireless undead armies will march for days to seize stratergic or arcane sites and fortify them before their enemy even finish mustering.

Details of enemy commanders will be investigated and appropriate counter-hexes devised, vampiric saboteurs will use magic to spoil an army’s rations or summon illusory mists to waylay marching columns. By the time the enemy actually faces Legion of Blood in battle their defeat has already been orchestrated down to minute details.This level of spycraft when combined with the experience they have gained from their long unlife, the commanders of the legion seem to know what tactic will be employed against them before the enemy themselves do, arranging their fleshless minions to expertly counter the enemy’s ploys. In fact they lead their hosts with such precision that even Katakros the Undefeated has been known to offer a solitary nod upon witnessing them in battle.[2a]


The Sons of the Storm Stormcast Eternals are ambushed by the Legion at the Molten Lakes in the Realm of Chamon, although the undead host is eventually driven off after three days of hard fighting, not all of the slain Stormcast return to the Realm of Azyr. [1b]


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