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The Armoury of the Legion of Azgorh faction.

Artefacts of Power

Artefacts of Power
Name Description Notes
Black Hammer of Hashut A black-hafted hammer has been carried to battle by the champions of Azgorh for millennia.
Armour of Bazherak the Cruel A mighty suit of armour commissioned by Bazherak from the greatest artificers of his time.
Chalice of Blood and Darkness A chalice containing a curse that when unleashed steals the arcane powers from spell-casters. This limits how many spells nearby wizards can cast at a time.


Name Wielder Notes
The Graven Brazier Drazhoath
Blood of Hashut Daemonsmith A deadly incendiary alchemical that liquefies flesh and causes metal to burst into flames. Specially effective against war machinces.
Darkforged Weapon Daemonsmith
Bull Centaur Render
Infernal Guard Castellan
Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer
Pyre Rune Staff Daemonsmith
Darktide Axe Sha'tor Each time an enemy is slain by this axe, the number of the countless murderous spirits bound within increases.
Darkforged Great Weapon Bull Centaur Taur'ruk
Pyrelock Pistol Infernal Guard Castellan
Infernal Guard Deathmask
The ammunition of this gun contains hungry pyre-spirits that ravages the flesh from the foe it strikes.
Pyrelock Fireglaive Infernal Guard Fireglaive The ammunition of this gun contains hungry pyre-spirits that ravages the flesh from the foe it strikes. It can be used as halberd by striking with its bayonet-cleaver.
Ashsteel Hand Weapon Infernal Guard Ironsworn
Infernal Guard Deathmask
Improvised Weapons Crew of the Azgorh War Machines
Chains Slave Ogor


Name Wielder Notes
Spiteshield Bull Centaur Render
Infernal Guard Ironsworn
These shields contain a malefic curse so that when struck they will erupt in a tendril of flame.
The Mask of the Executioner Sha'tor This sacred mask of Hashut made of dark metal contains malign spirits that can be unleashed on their foes.
Hellshard Amulet Drazhoath A glowing amulet laced with protective enchantments and baleful hexes. It strikes down those who seek to harms its owner.
Ensorcelled Armour An armor whose protective spells can feed on the blood of its wearer. This means if they are wounded they can unbind spells more easily.
Black Banner of Malice Infernal Guard Battle Standard Bearer This banner bears fell enchantments that can be invoked by its bearer to unleash its occult powers. This makes members of the Legion more resistant to the horrors of war and can cause their weapons to hit harder.
Icon of Dominion Infernal Guard Bearers Makes the units this bearer belong to more resistant to the horrors of war.
Drums Infernal Guard Drummer
Blackshard Armor Infernal Guard Wrought from iron shot through with refined shard of Aqshian realmstone. Each suits is a masterpiece created by the craft of a Daemonsmith and imbued with a measure of Aqshy's burning power. Castellans have dark runes that celebrate their cruel victories graven into their armor.

War Machine Ammunition

War Machine Ammunition
Name War Machine Notes
Deathshrieker Rocket Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher Fired in a barrage high overhead to rain their fiery payload over their foes.
Steam Cannonade Iron Daemon War Engine Gunfire shots from the Iron Daemon thanks to the power of it great furnace.
Magma Blast Magma Cannon These cannons can shoot blasts of molten rock.
Dreadquake Bomb Dreadquake Mortar Fired on a high arcing trajectory, these bombs filled with sorcerous energies have an explosive charge so powerful it strikes with a hammer blow so powerful they can turn in an instant dozens of armoured warriors into burnt chunks of meat.

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