Legacy Chest

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A Legacy Chest is a chest containing the last wishes of a Fyreslayer Auric Runefather, including the identity of his chosen heir. It is normally entrusted to the lodge's Auric Runemaster and opened during a ceremony in the presence of the Auric Runesons, witnessed by the senior leadership of the lodge.[1]


The late Runefather's instructions are inscribed on golden plaques, one for each of his sons deemed worthy of an inheritance. The chest may contain a number of directions beyond the simple appointment of an heir, including directions to divide the lodge's ur-gold in order to allow one or more worthy Runesons who do not inherit the lodge to depart and start a new lodge. The plaques may even direct a specific location or requirement for the new lodge, such as re-conquering a lost hold or aiding the parent lodge for a time prior to departure.[1]


Even if there is only one heir, some lodges do not consider the succession complete until the chest has been opened and the will of the late Runefather confirmed.[2a] Others do not use legacy chests at all and determine the heir by simple declaration of the Runefather, risky though that may be. A lodge whose Runefather dies before declaring an heir is in a tenuous position indeed, as the well-known tale of lost Vosforge demonstrates.[3a][3b]