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Latchkey Axes or Latch-Axes are weapons crafted by the Fyreslayers. They are both masterfully designed axes and functioning keys to some specific door or vault within a magmahold, one usually related to the reason the bearer was granted the privilege of carrying the axe.[1a]


The teeth of latchkey axes, necessary for them to function as keys, also make it possible for skilled users to catch an enemy's weapon with the head of the axe and snap it with a strong twist.[1a][3a]

Latchkey Grandaxes

The most famous type of latchkey axe is the Latchkey Grandaxe carried by Auric Runefathers as both weapon and badge of office. These long-hafted axes are heirlooms passed from father to son, with some - such as Hrathling, the grandaxe of the Runefather of Vostarg Lodge - dating back to the days of the First-Forged Lodges of the Age of Myth. Their keys open the master vaults within the lodge's forge-temple where the lodge's hoard of ur-gold is stored. [2a]