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Lord Lascilion is a Champion of Slaanesh who managed to find the hidden kingdom of Neferata at the beginning of the Age of Sigmar[1a]

He is guarded by the Amethyst Guard, who are armoured in bejewelled coats of mail and bely their foppish appearance by their skill at arms.[2b]


He had been transformed by his god – his once ugly features and body melded into a vision of beauty with unblemished skin, long golden hair and strong, marble skinned body. His long forked tongue detects the residues of emotion rather than scents.[2a]

In battle he dons plate armour made from pearls found in the poisonous Obsidian Lagoon and decorated with a myriad of runes and sigil’s that proclaimed his allegiance. He carries two magical blades, both crafted by the insane Nakadai, the smaller named Torment, the larger Pain. [2a]


Archaon tasked twelve chaos commanders with finding Nulahmia but only Lascilion was able to do so, able to scent her decadence and indulgence through the illusions that shroud her favourite city. He brought his legions and besieged her there, eventually fighting his way into the city with the aid of many daemons of Slaanesh. Finally he confronted the blood queen herself on the Throne Mount but the Anvils of the Heldenhammer intervened, slaying his mount and sending him crashing down the sides of the mount.[1a][3]

He was rescued by the winged mutant scout Amala who took him to the stronghold of the Bloodking Thagmok [2c] and he was with his army when he confronted Nagash at Nachtsreik. [2d]


We have fought the coffin-worms before. The whole of Shyish was once their domain. But with sword and spell, we have brought them to ruin. The Lords of Chaos have conquered the Masters of Death. All that is left of them are lingering echoes, remnant hiding in the night. Can you not imagine the delights that await us? The wonders of pillage and conquest that stand before us?

~ Lascilion to Torkresh before the assault on Nulahmia .[2a]