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The Lantic Empire was once a thriving, technologically advanced empire. During the Age of Chaos it was slowly devastated by the forces of Archaon over the course of a century. Only a handful of scattered tribes remained.[1a]


Age of Chaos

The Lantic Empire stubbornly resists incursions from the forces of Chaos for a century, facing many horrific setbacks and bloody losses. These tragedies include the destruction of the Gilded Steamgird at the hands of the Lofnir Fyreslayers, former allies who had betrayed the empire after aligning with Chaos Lord Magorak, and the defection of the Eshunnaic Legion and many other forces of the empire to Chaos.[3][5a][7a] In a final act of defiance, the last emperor of the Lantic Empire buried himself and his foes beneath many thousands of tonnes of rock.[7a]

Archaon himself aids in the nation's final destruction. Leaving only a few scattered tribes, a pale shadow of the technologically advanced empire they once were.[1a]

Hundreds of Abhorrant Ghoul Kings flocked to the ruins of the Lantic Empire, carving up its fallen kingdoms for themselves and their courts. Many of the empire's former soldiers join the ranks of the mordants.[2a]

Age of Sigmar

Over the course of the Age of Sigmar efforts have been made by the military forces of Sigmar's Empire to reclaim land once belonging to the Lantic Empire. The Grave of Heroes, built on the old Lantic road where it passes through the Glitterpeaks, served as a major fortress early on but as the war front moved it faded into little more than a backwater fort.[8a] Even some of the fallen cities of the empire, such as Eshunna and Uliashtai, were reclaimed and populated by Sigmar's folk.[9]


  • Hanging Gardens of the Lantic Empire: Some claim that the King of All Flies admired these gardens so much that he reshaped his realm into an inverted reflection of them.[6a]



The Lantic Empire was ruled by a line hereditary line of emperors and empresses.[3]

The empire was also famous for its sorcerer-kings.[4b]


The military of the empire was divided into legions.[3]


The Lantic Empire was renowned as a powerful, technologically advanced nation. Among its great creations were:

  • Auracularium: Golden towers of the Gilded Order which sent messages to and from cities of the Empire across the Mortal Realms, the last known message was All is lost. The empire has fallen. Flee to Azyr. In Sigmar’s name, flee. Before it is too late.[3]


  • Guym of Megado: The self-proclaimed pre-eminent philosopher of the Empire.[4a]
  • Kaslon: The last surviving mage of the Gilded Order and one of the leaders of the survivors who escaped Uliashtai.[3]
  • Kelephon: Last commander of the legions of the Empire, he fell fighting the hordes of Azakul the Winnower, considered somewhat pompous by his subordinates but no coward.[3]
  • Grandmaster Lek: She was the last master of the Gilded Order, and died in the siege of her city.[3]
  • Livius: A relative of Empress Xerastia and one of the leaders of the survivors who escaped Uliashtai.[3]
  • Captain Sulla: Surviving officer of Empress Xerastia's own legion and one of the leaders of the survivors who escaped Uliashtai.[3]
  • Empress Xerastia: She was killed in single combat by Azakul the Winnower as his forces destroyed the last of the legions of the Empire who had sought to raise the siege of Uliashtai. [3]
  • Lord-Ordinator Taltus: In his mortal life he was a famed architect of the Empire. Brought to the Gilded Steam-Bird to try to repair it and failed. Eventually reforged into a Stormcast Eternal and participated in the founding of Gravewild.[4a]