Lantic Empire

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The Lantic Empire was once a technologically advanced empire, but Archaon made sure that in over a century they were reduced to a handful of scattered primitive tribes, something he took great joy in seeing.[1] Following its demise, Hundreds of Abhorrant Ghoul Kings bring their courts to feed on the dead in the ruins and many former warriors of the empire become mordants themselves. [2]


The Eshunnaic Legion defects to Chaos after the destruction of the Gilded Steamgird by the Fyreslayers of the Lofnir Lodge, the defence barrier that had guarded the Empire for ages which they had originally helped build. The fyreslayers had even abandoned their lodge, said to be due to their lust for ur-gold.[3]



Auracularium: Golden towers of the Gilded Order which sent messages to and from cities of the Empire across the Mortal Realms, the last known message was All is lost. The empire has fallen. Flee to Azyr. In Sigmar’s name, flee.Before it is too late. [3]


  • Guym of Megado: Tthe self proclaimed pre-eminent philosopher of the Empire. [4a]
  • Kaslon: Last mage of the Gilded Order, he was with Livius when they found the gate to Azyr shut against them.[3]
  • General Kelephon: Last commander of the legions of the Empire, he fell fighting the hordes of Azakul the Winnower, considered somewhat pompous by his subordinates but no coward.[3]
  • Grandmaster Lek: She was the last master of the Gilded Order, died in the siege of her city.[3]
  • Emperor Livius: The last Emperor, following the death of Xerastia he lead the remnants of his people from Uliashtai to a realmgate to Azyr but found it closed by Sigmar. He was bearer of the runesword, Widowbane. a family heirloom, said to be a gift to his family from Sigmar himself [3]
  • Captain Sulla: Last suriving officer of the Empress's own legion, she was with Livius when they found the gate to Azyr shut against them.[3]
  • Empress Xerastia: She was killed in single combat by Azakul the Winnower as his forces destroyed the last of the legions of the Empire who had sought to raise the siege of Uliashtai. [3]
  • Lord-Ordinator Taltus: In his mortal life he was a famed architect of the Empire. Brought to the Gilded Steam-Bird to try to repair it and failed. Eventually reforged into a Stormcast Eternal and participated in the founding of Gravewild.[4]