Land of the Chained Sun

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The Land of the Chained Sun is a region of Aqshy.[1a]

It is a crescent-shaped landmass that hovers above the Ashlands, bound to the largest landmass with colossal god-forged chains. Many Fyreslayers lodges made their homes here. Long ago the lodges made a bargain with Grungni to forge great god-chains and entrap the godbeast Ignax, an orange-yellow giant, to be the sun of the Flameworlds.[1a]

It is said that when the cursed night falsupon the Flameworlds the fire of Aqshy itself would go out, so Fyreslayer Runesmiters make every effort to be ready to that day, hoping to prevent catastrophe with their runecraft.[1]


Age of Myth

Grimnir captures and shackles Ignax, who is exhausted by her victory over Nagendra, so that his people always have light and fire.[2]

Age of Sigmar

During the Realmgate Wars, Archaon invaded the lands and succeeded in enslaving Ignax and removing it from its prison despite resistance from Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers.[1b]

Later, a horde of Gloomspite Gitz under Grandboss Gitking Fangsplitta the Magnificent succeed in stealing one of the chains in order to enact the Grandboss's plan to turn the Bad Moon into the realms' biggest Fanatic.[3a]