Lakshar Bloodspeaker

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Lakshar Bloodspeaker is the chief Slaughterpriest of the Goretide and the preeminent member of Korghos Khul's Gorechosen.[1a][2a]

Appearance and Abilities

Lakshar is a huge, powerfully built monster of a man who has proved his skill at arms many times against enemy heroes, as befits a follower of the Blood God.


He has visions of astounding clarity, which he uses to guide the Goretide to the hardest, most glorious fighting and the greatest chance to earn the favour of Khorne.[1a] Khorne has blessed him with blood of molten brass and regenerative powers.[4]


Lakshar has lived since the late Age of Myth, and it was he who provided the means for Khul to pledge himself to Khorne. His visions guided Khul to the Red Feast, which ultimately ushered in the daemonic invasion of Aqshy.[3]

Legends abound of his feats of violence, such as the time he slew the stonedrake Shokenrak and drank her blood in order to gain great powers. The legendary hero Meiwhul died by his hand at the Battle of Eight Bridges, and he boiled three hundred of the Bonechewers in their own blood at the final battle of the War of the Severed Heads.[1a]

More recently, he became the first Slaughterpriest to summon a Judgement of Khorne. While in the Scablands and with a gory ritual fuelled by blood and hatred, he summoned a Skull Altar and sacrificed members of a Tzeentchian cult upon it. When the cult leader was brought up to the altar for sacrifice, a great Bleeding Icon of Khorne appeared above the altar, hovering in the air for a moment before plunging down to impale the cultist.[2a]


Our Lord of Skulls. Father of the Allslaughter, do you see us? We offer our blood! We offer theirs!

~Lakshar Bloodspeaker.[4]


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