Lake Everglut

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The Krondspine Range surrounding Lake Everglutt

Lake Everglut is a lake of frozen waters surrounded by the Krondspine Range, the most vast moutain range in Thondia.[1a]


Lake Everglut is the largest inland body of water in Thondia, if it was not frozen solid, it more resembles an entirely iced over sea. Surrounded by the imposing wall of the Krondspine Range, the lake is fed by bitterly cold runoffs from the mountains. The lake is a forlorn place, where strange winds blow that are said to whisper secrets from afar.[2a]


All Ogor Mawtribes of Ghur’s Heartlands believe Lake Everglut is sacred, its frozen waters blessed by their greedy Gulping God. Ogor Butchers will travel for many months to acquire large chunks of Lake Everglut’s ice to serve as the base for the stews they make in their Great Mawpots. Of late, Butchers have begun to arrive from many different warglutts, driven by visions of an island upon a frozen lake filled with rare spices. This is the beginning of a grand gathering of Butchers known as a Gollop, wherein recipes will be shared, meats savoured, and worship of the Gulping God in the form of consuming butchered captives will begin in earnest. Gollops release intense gastromantic power which causes the lands surrounding them to shudder with cannibalistic frenzy. Considering the mighty anger burning within Ghur and Thondia in particular, the ripples emanating from it would be devastating.[2a]