Lady of Sorrows (novel)

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Lady of Sorrows
Lady of Sorrows cover.jpg
Author(s) C L Werner
Released July 11, 2020
Pages 243

Lady of Sorrows (novel) is a novel by C L Werner.[1]


In the deathly realm of Shyish, the Twinned Towns of Westreach and Eastdale exist on the edge of annihilation. Once in each generation, the hosts of Lady Olynder rise from their tombs to slaughter the towns’ inhabitants, and for centuries the nighthaunts have been turned back, but only after the fiercest of battles. Now, the wizards in the ancient Belvegrod lighthouse have deciphered a prophetic vision that offers a chance to break the curse placed upon the city. The hero Jahangir is fated to lead a desperate mission against the Mortarch of Grief and free his people from this menace once and for all. But is Jahangir equal to the ordeal before him? Can the courage of mortals stand against the undying malice of the Lady of Sorrows?[1]