Lady Harrow

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Lady Harrow is a Myrmourn Banshee who leds Lady Harrow's Mournflight from the cursed city of Shadespire into the caverns of Beastgrave. [1]


The Great Necromancer, Nagash cursed Lady Harrow with an unquenchable thirst for arcane energies and tasked her with leading her fellow banshees in pursuit of intruders entering Shadespire with mages, wizards and witches in particular drawing their attention .[1]

They pursued a group of Stormcast Eternals who had dared enter the city and found themselves in the deep caves of Beastgrave and were overjoyed to find a new range of sensations to devour. [1]


She is armed with a Ethereal Chill Blade.[1]


There is no escape for thee.

~Lady Harrow .[2]


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