Kurnothi Aelf

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Kurnothi Aelf
Kurnothi 02.png
The Kurnothi from Beastgrave.
Grand alliance Order
Type Mortal
Common hair colours Flame-red[2a]

Kurnothi Aelves, or just Kurnothi, is a secretive kindred of Aelves that venerate Kurnoth.[2a]



Some of the Kurnothi Aelves are indistinguishable from typical aelves, though others are distinguished by notable features such as flame-red hair, antlers atop their heads, faun-like features, or centauroid lower bodies.[2a][3][4a]


All Kurnothi are hunters, who are organized into kin-groups known as clans. They are dedicated to eradicating the unnatural taint from the Mortal Realms or those who desecrate the natural order, which they consider sacrosanct.[1a][5]


One notable clan of Kurnothi resides within the Enga’la Weald of the Realm of Ghyran. The clan was devastated, but not destroyed, by Radukar and his forces. Qulathis, and many other Aelven Exiles, once belonged to this clan before setting out on a campaign of vengeance against Radukar. By doing so these Exiles are forever banned from the homelands of their people.[2a]


As the name indicates all members of this race are known to venerate Kurnoth.[3][4a]


These Aelves are known to be secretive, who normally only reveal themselves to the Sylvaneth. Despite that they have a greater presence in Ulfenkarn than other cities.[2a]

Notable Members



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