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Kuirath are enchanted, black-bladed daggers crafted by the Slaughter Queen artisans of the Khelt Nar sect of the Daughters of Khaine. The secrets of making kuirath is fiercely guarded by the Khelt Nar.[1a][1b][2a]


The umbral metal used to create kuirath is mined from the Rothtor, the mountain of iron upon which the Ironshard, capital of the sect, is built.[1a]


Kuirath are infused with a curse that infects those cut with tendrils of shadow magic, causing their mind to be clouded with darkness and confusion. The effect usually only lasts for a moment, but a moment of stupefaction is usually deadly when in combat with the Daughters of Khaine.[1a][2a]


The Khelt Nar make extensive use of the kuirath and other shadow-infused weapons when at war, and their priestesses have perfected ways to empower and prolong the blades' effects. Many enemies have found themselves lost in confusion while the armies of Khelt Nar cut them apart with precision using their kuirath.[1b]