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Krondys leading the Stormcast forces of Hammers of Sigmar into war

Krondys, Son of Dracothian is one of the remaining Draconith princes alongside his brother Karazai. Once he ruled the Draconith Empire until its destruction at the hands of Kragnos, after defeating the God of Earth Krondys went into exile. With the dawn of the Age of Sigmar and the Era of the Beast he has ended his exile and leads the forces of Stormcast Eternals and the new Draconith.


Before the Ages

Before the pantheon of Order came to be, Krondys, alongside his brother Karazai, ruled the Draconith Empire. The two princes were scholars, taking an interest in lore that eventually lead to them learning of the Slann's existence, as well as how to telepathically communicate with them.[2c] When Kragnos' war against the Draconith nearly drew their people to extinction, the two princes desperately entered a trance-like state, seeking Lord Kroak's aid. A bargain was struck; in return for the assistance of the Seraphon, the drake-lords agreed to give their remaining eggs to their voidfaring temple-ships. [1a]

The alliance confronted Kragnos atop Twinhorn Peak. Whilst the battle initially went in Kragnos’ favour, he was soon defeated, being sealed inside the peak.[1a] After the battle, a grief-stricken Krondys travelled to the wilds of Azyr, seeking knowledge to restore his people.[2c]

Age of Chaos

Whilst Krondys was aware of Sigmar and his Pantheon, he avoided contact in fear of his old wounds being reopened. When the Age of Chaos came, he did not intervene, believing that Sigmar's empire would fall just like that of the Draconith. However, he was surprised by the valour of Sigmar and his newly forged Stormcast Eternals, observing the Cleansing of Azyr and even intervening on behalf of the Stormcasts in expelling the last remaining Dragon Ogors of Azyr. During this conflict, he fought alongside Lord-Commander Bastian Carthalos, resulting in the two developing a mutual respect. [2c]

Age of Sigmar

When the Stormcast Eternals marched off to reclaim the realms, Krondys decided to become a guardian hermit-drake watching over the younger races and protecting the outer wilds of Azyr from the horrors that lurk there. In some instances, the drake even travelled to other realms.[2c]

However, upon Kragnos' escape during the Era of the Beast, he abandoned his exile. He called for the Seraphon to release the Draconith raised in their vessels and reunited with Karazai. Together, the brothers led a host of Draconith so vast it darkened Mallus' glow. The paie presented themselves before Sigmar, and after a week-long council mediated by Stardrakes, they swore the Pact Draconis for the union of Stormcast and Draconith, resulting in the formation of the first Stormdrake Guard. [2b][2c]

Whiles his old failures continue to gnaw at him, Krondys has decided to stand once more as a king, considering himself an ally of Sigmar and leading both Stormcast and Draconith into battle.[2c]

Wargear and Abilities

Krondys is armed with natural weapons such as an apex maw, massive drake-lord's talons and a calamitous tail. Being among the greatest Draconith lords he can unleash a blazing tempest, vortexes of scouring flame that disintegrate those caught in the blast. [2d]

In addition, he is a powerful spellcaster and his powers are further empowered by the Regalia Fulmentarus. Krondys directed the forging of the arcane mantle using smithing arts known only to the Draconith and in addition to being a symbol of the alliance of Draconith and Stormcast it enhances his ability to direct the storms of Azyr. He can cast powerful spells such as the Atavistic Tempest which combines the magic of Azyr with the lost magic of the Draconith to unleash a barrage of elemental storms that at one moment sends blinding gales or lightning vortexes only to be followed by a hail the size of meteors or snowstorms that chill to the bone.[2c][2d]



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