Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur

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Krondspine Incarnate attacking townsfolk.

A Krondspine Incarnate of Ghur is a manifestation of Ghurish energies which tend to coalesce near monstrous boneyards.[1a]


Krondspine Incarnates tend to coalesce near monstrous boneyards. Such Incarnates have first been encountered in in the Krondspine Range of Thondia, thus giving it its namesake. However, such beings may manifest anywhere suitable, such as within the ravines of Lendu, the volcanic graveyards of Aqshy's Great Parch, or the oily tar pits of Chamon. Krondspine Incarantes are primal terror made manifest. The are formed around chunks of glowing amberbone, they draw fragments of titanic carcasses to themselves in a swirling maelstrom. This is primarily to shield the realmstone heart, for only by destroing this can the Incarnate be banished, but also grants them an aspect of a bestial horror bearing vicious claws and huge, tearing fangs.[1a]


Mortals exposed to a Krondspine Incarnate are likely to be driven mad by their own inflamed savagery, or physically transfigured as the beast within is brought to the fore. Strategy is useless in the presence of such a being, for those it blesses recognize only the need to hunt and kill. The effect of a Krondspine Incarnate upon monsters is more profound still; they are able to pitch even the most noble warbeasts into an uncontrollable frenzy.[1a]

Arcane Predator

Magic itself must also take caution around Krondspine Incarnates, for they will feast upon arcane energies with gusto, an act which empowers the Incarnate. Such is their fury that they will attack roaming manifestations of sorcery without fear, their deep-seated connection to Ghur insulating them against the magical backlash.[1a]


Krondspine Incarnates can be bound, at least for a time. Should a champion approach or summon them through primal ritual, they entity may recongize a worthy soul. As dangerous as they are while hunting at random, it is more perilous still when leashed to the will of an alpha. The geomantic spirit's frenzy is honed with an edge of lethal focus, while their counterpart becomes infused with bestial strength. However, only a fool would consider such an Incarante a tamed servant. Should their alpha be slain, the Incarnate will revert to an instinctive, destructive savagery. When the battle is done, their former allies may well become another offering in the banquet of prey.[1a]\



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