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Kriktail is an Envoy of Clan Slynk of the Clans Eshin.[1]


A wizened old skaven with straggling grey fur and one of his eyes having been replaced by a carved brass globe. He wears robes of black and warpstone green. [1]


He has survived more than thirty years, which is considered old for a Skaven. [1]

In the Time of Tribulations he was summoned by the Grey Seer Retchnik who wished his clan to enter the flooded tunnels to Nagashizzar and steel the black realmstone there. [1]

Although he appeared to accept the offer, he later sent Deathrunner Spark-eye to assassinate the Seer. [1]


Speak-tell me why we do not slay you to keep this secret and then send our claws regardless?

~Kriktail to Retchnik .[1]


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