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The Krelstrag Lodge is a Fyreslayer Lodge at the heart of the Earthwound Archipelago in the Realm of Aqshy.[1]

The hold of the Kelstrag lodge is located within the Forgecrag, a huge black island mountain that rises above the ocean of lava that was created when Grimnir landed a great blow upon Vulcatrix, its molten ichor pouring into the wound that the blade of the god had carved out of the continent. Only nine other mountains have endured since that time although other volcanic peaks arise from time to time and the fyreslayers would if possible move to them to exploit the new resources, the Runemasters conjuring temporary stone bridges from the lava.[1]

Lavasmite: A period of time so short as to be not worth mentioning - often used contemptuously about enemies and sieges.[1]



The Oath to the Lost was made at a time before the Krelstrag came to the Earthwound. It was made to another lodge, one bound to us by kin, as we set forth on the journey that would at last bring us here. It was an oath of mutual aid. Should the Fyreslayers of one lodge be attacked, the other would help them in their defence. Our foe is their foe, and their foe is ours.

~ Dorvurn.[1]


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