Kreep Kinwhisper

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Kreep miniature.

Kreep Kinwhisper is one of the Eshin warriors part of the Skittershank's Clawpack Underworlds warband of Clan Stryk.[1][2]


He was part of the Skittershank's Clawpack warband dispatched by Clan Stryk to investigate the Nethermaze.[1]


Kreep is trained in the Running Death fighting style that allows him to attack with incredible speed and dexterity.[2]


Kreep is armed with a Trifang Triskele and a barbed Net, but also has a cage filled with his screeching ratling pets that help them sneak within striking distance of his foes without raising alarm. He also coats his weapon in deadly Eshin Toxins.[2][3]



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