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Krazkoth the Blackbladed Reaper is a Herald of Khorne who leads the Eighth Cohort of the Legion of Exiles.[1]


During the Age of Chaos he and his slaughterpack were sent to attack a tendril of the Garden of Nurgle that had breached Khorne's realm. Despite the fury and power of the bloodletters and other daemons of Khorne, the minions of Nurgle were able to win ever battle and transformed the skullplains into infested swampland. Infuriated, Krazkoth turned on his own bloodletters in a rampage of fury.[1]

Following this, his god dispatched him to lead the Eight Cohort of the Legion of Exiles, daemons who follow the banners of the exiled Skarbrand and in this role the herald is able to drink in the rage of his leader, fuelling his own path of slaughter.[1]

In the Age of Sigmar, he and the legion were sent to aid Skarbrand in his search for Alarielle but were forestalled by the Slann Lord Xen'phantica.[1]


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