Kravoth's Reavers

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Kravoth's Reavers are a Slaves to Darkness Chaos Horde led by the Daemon Prince Kravoth the Black.[1]


The horde began as a warband led by the then-mortal Kravoth. Once Kravoth reached became a Daemon Prince by slaying Orvogdos the Corpulent and his Toad Dragon, his fame grew to the point where other warbands swore allegiance to him.[1]

  • In Dorvadia, the Hellsworn Brotherhood joined the horde.[1]
  • After the Reavers sacked the Carmine Fortress, Lord Egril the Butcher swore his warband to Kravoth's service.[1]
  • The fighting over the Cyclopean Span saw Lord Magnos Infernil and his warband join with the Reavers.[1]

Numerous other warbands have also entered Kravoth's service, including those of Lord Daemonicus the Destroyer of Hope, Lord Dorgoth Murderblade, and Lord Rapcion the Devourer.[1]


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