Krag Darrek

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Krag Darrek is an enormous fortress that was built in the southern mountains of the Dreadscape of the underworld Hallost in the Realm of Shyish by the Skullfiend Tribe of Khorne Bloodbound.[1a]


When the Skullfiend Tribe invades Hallost in the Age of Chaos, they channel the power of Khorne to decapitate the spirits of those long-dead heroes who ride out to challenge them. By dedicating their kills to the Blood God, the usual spirit-cycle of battle and rebirth of the underworld is broken, and soon the tribe amasses thousands of ghostly skulls. By coating the skulls in gore of living foes, the tribe makes them tangible enough to form the foundations of Krag Darrek. The skulls, unable to be born again, roar in constant rage, and the noise stokes the battle-lust of all who hear it.[1a]


Since the construction of Krag Darrek, the fortress has changed hands many times. The Skullfiend Tribe has only recently reclaimed control of the fortress.[1a]