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The Kosargi are Ogors native to the rime-covered underworld known as Kosarg, one of the countless underworlds that make up the Realm of Shyish.[1a]


Age of Chaos

Radukar amassed a large armada of Kosargi Ogors during his career as a reaver and would eventually lead this brutal army in liberating the city of Mournhold from the clutches of the Daemon Prince Slaughn the Ravener. Though Radukar's forces were ultimately victorious, many of the Kosargi perished in the brutal battle.[1a]

After the death of Slaughn, Radukar convinced the rulers of Mournhold that they needed him and his Kosargi warriors to fend off any potential invaders that might seek to conquer the city.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

After conquering Mournhold and renaming it Ulfenkarn, Radukar sought to consolidate his power. One way he did so was by turning his loyal Kosargi into the Kosargi Nightguard. Ensuring that the Ogors would serve him for all eternity.[1a]


The Ogors of wintry Kosarg are a maritime people. They make heavy use of the furs and hides of beasts, using it to make their lamellar armor, their heavy clothes, and to cover their beds. They are well-known for their skills as sailors and raiders, seeking loot across the seas of the Realm of Shyish.[1a][2a]