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Klarondu is a continent in the Shadrac Convergence of Ulgu.[1a]


The continent is known for its jagged coastlines. In many locations, vast metaliths are tethered to the land by long chains forged in ages past by the gods.[1a]



Points of Interest


Sigmar's Empire

In the east, the Free City of Misthåvn is moored off Cape Tenebrax, although it has been known to sail away on occasion. This so-called "City of Scoundrels" serves as the capital of Sigmar's Empire in the Shadrac Convergence, and multiple expeditions into the continent from Misthåvn - known as the Klarondu Reavings for their preference to obtain supplies as they travel - have been mounted to found new strongpoints.[2a]

Sigmarite Strongpoints


The primary magmahold of the Fyreslayers of the Caengan Lodge lies in the central mountains, as does a skaven warren-city. On the northern coast lies the Khainite city of Hellebrach Khai.[2a]