Kingdom of Drom

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The Kingdom of Drom was a Duardin nation nestled among the Smoulderpeak mountains of Aqshy.[1a]


Age of Chaos

For centuries the Duardin of Drom held back the forces of Chaos. This resistance came to an end when Archaon sent the Bane Sons, the Seventh Circle of the Varanguard, to destroy the kingdom. The Bane Sons rode at the head of a vast mounted host, comprised of Chaos Knights and Chariots. They slaughtered the gromril-clad war throngs sent to stop them, except for the Runelords who are devoured in a cannibalistic rite that gives the Bane Sons knowledge on how the runic locks on the Iron Gate of Drom function. With this knowledge they easily cast down Drom's defenses and slaughter its people.[1a][2]


  • Iron Gate of Drom: The great gate that once protected the entrance into the kingdom, the runic locks upon it keeping out invaders. When it and the kingdom were shattered, the heads of the Duardin it once protected were hung from it.[1a][2]