King in Rags

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Not to be confused with the Ragged King, one of the titles of Korlock, the Abhorrant Archregent of the Isle of Ghouls in Aqshy.

The King in Rags is the Abhorrant Ghoul King that rules the Macabre Court of flesh-eaters in the ruined kingdom of Avandia in Chamon.[1a]


The King in Rags has raised the ancient Terrorgheist known as the Bloodmoon Scourge to be his mount.[1a]


Little is known of the King's history prior to arriving in Avandia, but it is believed that his original homeland was similarly destroyed by the forces of Chaos.[1a]

When he arrived in the ruined Avandia, he found many of the remaining Avandianshad turned to cannibalism to survive in the wake of the Chaos invasion. While many feared he only wanted to steal what little they had, eventually more and more of the survivors join his court. Once they become strong enough, he led them to battle against the Chaos forces, in time driving away or converting all Chaos followers in the kingdom.[1a]


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