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Map of Vitrolia.

Vitrolia is a region in the Great Parch in the Realm of Aqshy. It is border on the south by the Polychromatic Sea and on the northwest by the Wretch Sea.[1a]

On its land borders there is Golvaria to the northeast, Flamescar Plateau to the east, Khul's Ravage to the southeast and Bataar to the west.[1a]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth, the Beastbridge, a land bridge that connects Aspiria and Bataar to Vitrolia and other lands is conquered by Orruks that fight the giant beasts, and extort and fight any mortals that tries to cross it. In order to put a stop to this the Aspirians ignite the Kingling Forest and consuming many Orruk tribes in flames. The beastbridge is reopened for trade.[1a]

The Kindling Forest continues to burn through magic, making a permanent barrier between the civilizing west and the middle regions of the Great Parch. The middle tribes descend into civil war and Aspiria and Bataar leave them to it.[1a]

Jealous of the Aspirian sucess, the Golvarians make an alliance with the Vitrolians and cross Skyheim Peaks to attack their caravans with tides of living skeletons. However Vitrolian allegiance is bought by Bataar and they turn at a critical moment.[1a]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos, a number of refugees from Vitrolia were forced to flee and seek shelter in Aspiria. Faced with Aspirian prejudices, many Vitrolians were forced into a life of crime to survive.[3a]


Some of the known locations of the region are:

  • The Beastbridge: A land bridge, named after the giants beasts that cross it in search of greener pastures, that connects Aspiria and Bataar to Vitrolia, Golvaria and Aridian. During the Age of Myth this landbridge was conquered by Orruks, but it was reopened for trade after the Kingling Forest were ignited by the Aspirians.[1a][1b]
    • Kindling Forests: A forest in the Beastbridge that was set on fire by the Aspirians during the Age of Myth consuming several orruk tribes that had conquered the Beastbridge. It's magical fires creates a permanent barrier between the civilizing west and the middle tribes.[1a][1b] Those wishing to travel through the region often carry Aspirian Firewards.[6a]
  • Fury Strait[1b]
  • Hag's Delta: A serpent-filled marshland concealing a Khainite temple.[7a]
  • The Narrows[1b]
  • The Sacred Lake: Bordering with the Flamescar Plateau and Khul's Ravage.[1b]
  • Vendetta Bridge: Connecting the region to Golvaria.[1b]

Off its coast there are the following islands:

Settlements and Nations


  • The native Vitrolians are organized into red-headed tribes and are known for their fickle allegiance which can be easily bought with gold.[1a]
  • The Ashen Horde lays claim to much of Vitrolia.[4a]