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Killabosses are Orruk Warlords that rule the Kruleboyz Warclans. They are masters of turning circumstances to their advantage having gained their positions by not only fighting but also scheming and cheating.[1a][2]


Killabosses are the largest Orruks among Kruleboyz, fed by both constant war and a supply of red meat. Their strength combined with sneakiness and cunning has led to Swampcalla Shamans considering them the embodiment of Gorkamorka, representing both halves of the god's personality. They rise through the ranks of the Badstabbaz Clan, the warrior caste of the Kruleboyz to lead entire warclans but do not make decisions alone and are aided by Swampcalla Shamans. Killabosses are admired among the Kruleboyz hero-worshipping culture and many even enter folklore and legends for their sadistic exploits. Every great Killaboss has many such tales some of which are actually true.[1a][1b]

Killabosses are consummate fighters and skilled tacticians, when the power of the Waaagh! starts to build up their minds are filled with all kinds of conniving plots. Strategies such as feigned retreats and poisoning water supplies are just a few in the long list of tricks a Killaboss would use to achieve victory.[2] When they join battle they use as many underhanded tricks as possible such as trying to blind the enemy with dust or powder, kicking the groin, feints, tripping legs while using their jagged blades to disarm the enemy, or expose weak points.[1b]


Many Killabosses are accompanied by companions with the simplest being a stab-grot, a grot kept as a mascot that also happens to be skilled at hamstringing. Others may be accompanied by covens of Shamans, gangs of Nobs or even giant monsters that can behead an Ogor with its jaws.[1b]


Some Killabosses are known for taking mounts preferring devious, quick-witted, and dexterous beasts. A common choice are the Great Gnashtoofs, the largest variety of the vicious canines known as Gnashtoofs. To tame one the prospective rider ride out a rodeo on the beast. These beasts are capable of 'throwing' their barks to make it appear that they are approaching from another direction allowing them to easily jump on the enemy's exposed back. Their bark sounds like a half-mad sadistic laugh that further endears them to the Kruleboyz and the Killaboss would often echo this while on the hunt.[1b]

Others may take a greater risk and seek a Corpse-rippa Vulcha, giant raptors with beaks that can bite through rock and talons that can shred steel. To catch one an Orruk must be stealthy enough to poison the Vulcha's corpse larder, an act that needs extreme cunning as the Vulcha circles overhead waiting for potential prey that comes to feed on corpses. When the Vulcha is poisoned the Killaboss must jump on the neck of the beast when it's thrashing around in agony and throttle it into submission. If successful this gives the Killaboss a mount that can carry him over the fog of war and descend upon enemies in complete silence to rip them apart. [1b]




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