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Khruthú is a hall located deep beneath the temple city of Hagg Nar where the Máthcoir, the Mother Cauldron in which Morathi creates the Scáthborn, is located.[1a][2a]


Aside from Morathi herself, only the Scáthborn are usually allowed to enter Khruthú.[1a]


In addition to the Scáthborn created in the Mother Cauldron, the Cauldrons of Blood are manufactured only Khruthú.[3a]


Age of Myth

  • After Morathi aids Teclis, Tyrion, and Malerion to capture Slaanesh, she demands a portion of the extracted aelf souls. In the underhalls beneath the temple of Hagg Nar, she constructs the Máthcoir.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

  • The Idoneth Deepkin invade Hagg Nar in an attempt to retrieve the Ocarian Lantern, which Morathi has stolen as part of her plot to achieve apotheosis. They succeed in breaching Khruthú, but their attack founders when the newly deified Morathi-Khaine emerges from the Máthcoir.[2b]