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Khord Skullcrusher is the son of Fjul and a fyreslayer of the Vostarg Lodge trapped in the city of Shadespire. [1]


A near naked, barrel chested duardin with rune marked limbs with his flame coloured hair in a loose mane. He carries a heavy fyresteel maul, the head bedecked in symbols and a bandoleer of throwing axes. [1a]


After becoming trapped, he and his kinfolk worked for a Katophrane, gathering shadeglass artefacts and other treasures to try to rebuild the Faneway, however they were slain and by the time they found themselves back to their stronghold in the city, all had been taken. [1c]

Whilst escorting Ilesha Dune to the Southern Market, he and Seguin Reynar discovered his corpse in a giblet, a death that the duardin had not yet experienced. [1d]


I followed my Runefather into the dark, as a true son of the lodge must. We had made an oath to the Katophranes, in ancient days, and an oath unfulfilled is an oath broken. So we came, and we were lost.


Friends are like gold - you can never have too many. At least, that's the way I've always thought of it. And everyone needs one, now and again. Can't rely on yourself all the time. A lodge is only as strong as the bonds between duardin.



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