Khelorastius van Bardo

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Khelorastius van Bardo was a Merchant Prince who monopolized the meat trade in Odrenn in the Spiral Crux of Chamon during the late Age of Chaos and early Age of Sigmar. His unscrupulous and uncompromising business tactics earned him the nickname the meat miser of Odrenn.[1a]


Van Bardo was known for using every possible advantage in order to maintain his monopoly, including stealing rivals' stock and acquiring meat of dubious provenance. In his later years, van Bardo became increasingly obsessed with hoarding and flaunting his wealth, even commissioning six silver cow statues to stand guard over his palatial estate.[1a]


When a wandering seer convinces him that his herds are starving, van Bardo agrees to buy the alchemical concoction the seer says will cause the stock to grow healthy again. Van Bardo distributes the treatment to his herds - as well as to himself and his dynasty. The next new moon, a transformation overtakes those that have partaken of the potions: humans become beasts with human heads and beasts become humans with beast heads. The monstrous host rampages across Odrenn at the urging of the seer, now taking their true form as the Keeper of Secrets Anacrucia.[1a]